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Med-way started in the late 80s; when local markets were liberalised.

In the nineties we fine-tuned an import-consolidation system that allowed us to supply customers with practically any item within a week, at a reasonable price. This was very suited to the growing IT sector that had just expanded into the home user market. When that market matured and consolidated in the mid- to late-noughties we focussed on what we always felt best-suited for: importation services from quotation to delivery.

Importing - to us - is a challenging and interesting business in itself. It's a constantly changing real-life equation with a significant number of variables. Picking the right suppliers and shippers can be complex (if monopolies aren’t involved). We get requests for a wide variety of products and literally have no choice but to tackle most quotes from a fresh angle. Trading in new and varied products means we don’t get complacent about finding new suppliers, routes and methods.

The variables chosen before importing an item influence overall competitiveness. Our 25+ years of experience give us a good idea how to pick and choose the right options and we’re proud of our track-record. We have ongoing business relationships - that started more than 10 years ago - with a number of large organisations, and could probably put you in touch with someone in your industry if you’d like to get an objective opinion of how we do what we do.

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