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James Xuereb

IT Services Manager

Malta International Airport

Malta International Airport has been using the services of Med-way for more than twelve years. The main reason why we stuck with Med-way for such a long time is efficiency. While some suppliers take days, if not weeks, to issue a simple quote, obtaining a quote from Med-way is normally a matter of minutes. We have used their services to buy regular items as well as items that are not available from other local suppliers and are rather difficult to find. Delivery is normally quick and within the stipulated time frame of ten days and faster courier delivery is usually available for a few Euros more. Med-way has also proven itself to be very reliable when it comes to warranty and after-sales service.

Alan Chris Bonnici

Senior ICT Manager

GasanMamo Insurance

The reason we like dealing with Med-way is because of their ability to source almost any product at good competitive prices. The flexibility this model affords is almost unique as it allows me to specify the exact products we require. With Med-way we can also specify how the item is shipped, arriving at a balance between delivery speed vs price.

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