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What We Do

We import products on demand after agreement on price, warranty and delivery time. The process starts with you asking us for a quote, and once you get it you can go ahead and order through us. (If you wish, we'll give you the new supplier details for a fee.)


Our quotes will get to you pretty fast, we'll stick to what we've agreed and we're mind-numbingly consistent and predictable.


An item’s price depends on a few fundamental things;

  • brand, quality or specification,

  • after-sales service and warranty expected,

  • required speed of delivery from confirmation of order,

  • actual real availability (supply/demand), and

  • how many are needed at one go

We look at your requirement, consider the options based on the above and try to improve or optimise logistic processes (and ultimately your supply chain) to get to a good price. Costs are often minimised through the use of depots in Europe, the USA and China. Goods ordered by our various clients converge on these depots where they're (sometimes stripped of useless packaging and) consolidated altogether to save on shipping. We use containers, groupage, courier and post as necessary.


Fast, accurate quotes.  If any of the variables mentioned above change (ie. quality, warranty, speed, supply or quantity), the price will change, so we’ll give you more than one quote for the same product when necessary. We normally quote, or request clarification, within 30 minutes during normal work hours however, where necessary, we’ll spend days working on a quote.


Deliver when and as promised.  When calculating delivery times we’re normally conservative and cautious. In other words, it’s more likely that you get the delivery earlier than promised, than later. Acts of God, and morons working for shippers, occasionally play an unwelcome part in logistics but that’s very rare. If we suspect there’ll be a delay, we’ll inform you immediately. All the other things you’re expecting - quality, warranty and quantity - will be as promised.

Reduce fixed and recurring expenses.  Give us the necessary details of your recurring expenses and (depending on your industry and the items) it's very likely we’ll reduce those cost by a few percentage points. We’ll also find and quote for cheaper alternatives if you’re flexible on brand, quality, warranty or delivery speed. You’ve nothing to lose, and savings to gain; just ask.

What we don't do

We don't disclose confidential information. But if you wish we'll sign a non-disclosure agreement.

We don't get involved with expenses related to staff, wages or utility services. We're specialised in the procurement and importation of physical goods, not human resources, or dealing with services provided by monopolies.


We don't do research for free. For example; we won't provide you with specific brands and model numbers if you give us minimum specifications.


What our customers do
  • IT & Telecom

  • Transport

  • ​Finance & Insurance

  • Government and Infrastructure

  • Betting

  • Education

  • Marketing & Communications

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