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Potential Supplier?

Read this.

If we've contacted you requesting a quotation it's because we think you can supply the product a customer has asked us to quote for, and believe that you want to get the business.


If the item we contacted you about is the sort of thing that's commonly stocked, it's likely we've contacted several potential suppliers at the same time, and (if the order is eventually confirmed by the client) will choose to buy from the one that has the fastest response rate and the best overall service and price.


We're an import/export agency that gets requests for quotes from manufacturers and corporates (see the section below and our testimonials page) and try hard to win those orders. To do that we need to quote faster and cheaper than other suppliers; including appointed regional dealers or agents and major online stores.

It's worth noting that we know exactly what we want quoted because the original request came from a qualified and experienced end-user; probably an engineer or IT manager. If these guys ask for something it's because they really can't just go down to the shops to buy it, or compromise with an work-around. It may also be the case that they have a planned project and have the time to look for a good deal. We don't waste time questioning our customer's ability to specify requirements and since we have depots* in the USA, China and Europe, we always look for, quite literally, the best deal in the world.


That's why we found and got in touch with you.


* It also explains why we occasionally ask for quotes including shipping to an address that's relatively 'local' to you. Other orders will converge on the depot, get stripped of excess packaging, consolidated with other goods, then shipped. This saves a ton of money, and makes us and you more competitive.

What our customers do
  • IT & Telecom

  • Transport

  • ​Finance & Insurance

  • Government and Infrastructure

  • International Betting

  • Education

  • Marketing & Communications

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